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Hello! Bonjour! Gude(r) Daag! வணக்கம் Hola नमस्ते Taanishi! Boon zhoor! Aanii!

Greetings from Dundalk and Proton Community School, home of the Wildcats! We are a JK to Grade 2 school located in the beautiful community of Dundalk, Ontario.

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Welcome to the 2023-2024 Academic School year at Dundalk and Proton Community School!

Welcome back everyone!  September has arrived and we are ready to start another great year.   Jessie Ironside (Vice Principal) and I (principal Cathy Griffin) are thrilled to be at Dundalk and Proton for the upcoming school year.  We are looking forward to connecting with all of you and working with your families.  I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer.

A special welcome goes out to our new students and families.  I know that you will find our school and community a wonderful place to be.                                  

Daily Schedule – Balanced Day

8:55 -11:05

Instructional Time


Nutrition & Play Break


Instructional Time


Nutrition & Play Break


Instructional Time



The playground is supervised at 8:35 for students who arrive by bus.  Early morning and after school child-care is available with the Kids ‘N Us Before and After School program.  The contact number to enroll or make changes to your care arrangements is (519) 923-2182. 

We have two Nutrition & Play Breaks. During each break, the students will have a 20 minute snack time and a 20 minute outside play period. Supervision is provided on the yard at all Nutrition Breaks.  Dismissal is at 3:15 p.m.  Children who walk to school are to go directly home when dismissed.  There is no supervision on the playground following dismissal

Attendance: Call (519) 923-2622 or Text (519) 372-5267

We MUST have a phone call from a parent/guardian for any change in the way a student goes home.

A phone call about student absence is very important. Voicemail is available 24 hours a day.  The attendance line extension is 100.   If we do not receive a phone call and a student is not present we will then follow our safe arrival procedures. If we cannot make contact with the parent or guardian to confirm the whereabouts of the student, we will phone the police to report the child as missing. Please help us ensure your child’s safety by calling the attendance line if your child is absent.

Students who arrive at school late or have to leave school early MUST sign in or out at the front vestibule. Parents/guardians who are coming to pick up children during the school day must report to the front vestibule. The office will then page the classroom and have the student come to the office to meet the parent/guardian. Parents/guardians must wait in the front vestibule for their child(ren).

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Safety of our students is paramount at Dundalk/Proton. You are welcome to use our drop off lane in the bus loop.  Just stop behind the parked cars, help your child or children to cross safely to the sidewalk and then return to your vehicle to exit the loop. Staff are waiting on the sidewalk to help as needed..  Observe the No Parking signs on the town streets.  The two streets that make a triangle with our bus loop are part of our fire exit.  You cannot park there.    Please consider our school a “no idle zone” and do not leave your car running. 

We ask you to take extra care when you are dropping off, and picking up, children at school.  Please use the crosswalk at all times so that all children realize the need to follow safety rules.  If you want to walk your child onto the property, your best option is to park away from the school and walk in with them.

On the first day Tuesday September 5th!

You will get an email on Friday afternoon/early evening saying which class your child is in.  This email will tell you what colour or pylon number to look out for on Tuesday…

Kindergarten students included SK-1 will be greeted out front and are colour coded according to their classroom placement. Students are invited to wear their class colour and teachers will have balloons of that colour.

Grade 1 students will meet at the back of the school on the pavement in front of numbered pylon that their teacher will be holding.

Grade 2 students  & the Gr 1/2 class will meet at the back of the school on the pavement in front of portables and line up according to their classroom. Their teacher will be there beside the portable number.

If at anytime you are unsure where you are to go, talk to any staff member wearing a purple WILDCATS t-shirt and they will be happy to help. There will be quite a few of us looking for anyone needing assistance.

Forms, Forms, Forms

In the first days of school, you will receive five forms in a package: Student Health/Safety Information and Consent To Release form, Student Identification Consent and Web Site Consent form and the Computers in Education and Acceptable Internet use forms.  Please fill in all forms and return them to school promptly so that we will have proper, up-to-date information about your child. If your child requires medical assistance or medication, on an ongoing basis, there are forms that must be completed annually. These forms are available at the school office and should be completed as soon as possible.

Administration of Medication to Students

Prior permission for the administration of any medication is required. If your child requires medication that is to be administered during school hours, a Board form obtained from the school office must be signed by parents/guardians before any medication may be given and/or stored at the school.  Please do not send medication to school with your child.  All medication must be given to the office, by a parent or guardian, for safe storage and dispensing.

I pledge to myself, On this very day, To try to be kind, In every way. To every person, Big or small, I will help them, If they fall. When I love myself, And others, too, That is the best That I can do. 

- Ms Cathy Griffin and Ms Jessie Ironside

Dear Parents and Guardians:


Bluewater District School Board is dedicated to the inclusion of all students but acknowledges the right of parent(s)/guardian(s) to request that their child(ren) be exempted from instruction related to the Human Development and Sexual Health expectations found in strand D of ‘The Ontario Curriculum: Health and Physical Education, Grades 1-8, 2019’.


Administrative procedure AP 7522-D “Exemption from Instruction in Human Development and Sexual Health (for students in grades 1-8 only)”, available using the links below OR on the board website at www.bwdsb.on.ca, provides additional details regarding the exemption process.


Please read the curriculum expectations (attached below), specific to your child’s grade (1 to 8). If you have any questions, and/or would like to request an exemption, please contact the school office. The deadline to request an exemption for the current school year is March 13, 2020.




Cathy Griffin

Principal,, Dundalk & Proton Community School

All Grades 1-8 Expectations-Human Development Sexual Health Strands.pdf
AF7522 Exemption from Human Development and Sexual Health Grades 1 to 8 Form.docx

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